The owners or keepers of intermodal loading units have to mark physically their loading units under their own responsibility. The owner of keeper may mark its loading units by painting the codes, sticking letters or putting labels on the unit. 

In order to facilitate the marking of ILUs for all owners and keepers, we offer an ILU-Code sticker service to all ILU-Key Holders and this for all types of intermodal loading units and surfaces (semi-trailers, swap bodies, tanks - rigid structure, with or without tarpaulins).

How to order ILU-code stickers ?

You need to be a valid registered ILU-Key Holder to order the stickers. Access the password-protected customer section where you find all details about stickers and prices. You may order your stickers online.

If you are not yet registered on the ILU-Code platform, please contact our ILU-Code support by email ( or by phone (+32 2 548 78 94).